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Vol. # 09 Issue #   14

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03. Workshops/Courses/Training
    1. Did you invite people to meetings? Do you often get invited to 
meetings? Do you use the Notes Calendar? 

    2. Search And Selection-Effective Interviewing Techniques 

    3. Counseling Process for Supervisors of RF Employees 

    4. PDAR Training - Interactive Session! 

    5. Graduate Student Workshop 

    6. You Matter! Effective Customer Service 

    7. Managing Multiple Priorities-Lunchtime Learning 

    8. Americans With Disabilities Act Awareness Training 

    9. EAP Lunchtime Learning: An Introduction to Kripalu Yoga and Guided 

    10. EAP Lunchtime Learning: Introduction to Feng Shui 

    11. EAP Lunchtime Learning: Labyrinth Walking 

    12. Maintaining a sense of community in online learning environments 

    13. Getting Your Lessons to Your Students Before They Come to Class: 
Using and distributing video and audio recordings 

    14. Promote Student Thinking and Enhance Learning Beyond Rote Memory 
with Concept Maps 

    15.  Eliminate bubble sheets and automate testing and survey 
administration: Online and paperless testing and surveys in Blackboard 

    16. EASY Online Collaboration and Document Management:  Introduction 
to SharePoint Sites for your Course, Department or Research Team 

    17. Making sense of your data: Organize and analyze classroom data by 
using Excel. 
04. Hospital Workshops/Training
    1. Employee Health & Wellness presents; How to Read Food Labels 
05. Conferences/Seminars/Lectures
    1. Two Chemistry Department Seminars 

    2. Come On Over To The Dark Side: The Obituary as Social History 

    3. CIDER Seminar Series-Marine Conservation - April 13, 2009 

    4. Neuroscience Seminar Series 

    5. Provost's Lecture Series hosting Ambassador Harald Braun on 
Tuesday, April 14 
06. Hosp/HSC Conferences/Seminars/Lectures
    1. Department of Anesthesiology - Grand Rounds 

    2. The Long Island Regional Perinatal Forum Presents Oral Health 
During Pregnancy Sunday March 1 2009 

    3. Women in Medicine Program:  3rd Annual Research Day - April 15, 
07. Charitable
    1. The Cody Center Walk for Autism and Developmental Disabilities 

    2. Second Annual Judys Run for Awareness to Benefit SBUMCs Stroke 

    3. The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund 

    4. Free Dental Evaluation 
08. Culture & Entertainment
    1. Earthstock 2009: A Celebration of Earth Day 

    2. Honoring Dr. Ashley Schiff:  The Ashley Schiff Park Preserve 

    3. Stony Brook Opera presents Mozart's Cosi fan tutte on April 17 and 

    4. Pottery Sale, April 22nd 

    5. Film: Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros(2005, 100 minutes) 

    6. Department of Campus Recreation Annual Golf Outing 

    7. Deadly Medicine, Creating The Master Race Exhibition, Now Open At 
The Charles B. Wang Center 

    8. Singer-songwriter and Stony Brook favorite Susan Werner performs at 
The University Cafe Sunday April 19th at 2 P.M. 

    9. Herstory Reception and Readings, April 20th, 4-6pm, Wang Center 

    10. Asian America after Obama: Where Do We Go From Here? 

    11. Film: Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (The Blossoming of Maximo 
09. For-Pay Workshops/Courses
    1. The Chautauqua 2009 Short Course Program for College and University 

    2. Advanced Access - New Dates 

    3. Defensive Driving Program for UUP Members 
10. Research
    1. Participate in a Survey Study and Earn Money 

    2. Do You Have Chronic Fatigue 

    3. Take Part In Clinical Research Studies 

    4. Do You Have Osteoarthritis of The Joint at the Base of Your Thumb? 

    5. Study Of Hiv Positive,Aids  And Chromium Picolinate 
11. Miscellaneous
    1. Your Ombuds Office is Here to Help! 

    2. Celebrate Earth Day at the University Bookstore! 

    3. Play it Safe! 
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